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Supervision Session fees 

When booking a meeting, it may be helpful to know that sessions start and finish promptly. We do not keep you waiting and if you arrive late, we do not extend the session time.


Online Meetings  

With modern equipment and a stable internet connection, online meetings provide an excellent experience. I utilize a new iPad Pro with a high-resolution camera for superior video quality.

For the best audio-video quality on your end:

·         Use your smartphone or iPad and not a computer. Laptops' webcams often underperform, and they compromise the eye contact experience.

·         To prevent me from hearing an echo, please use a headset speaker/microphone. The earbuds that come with your phone are perfect for this.

·         To prevent me from getting motion sickness, (really, I do) please don’t hold your device in your hand.  Instead, use a stand made for that purpose.

 For a secure conversation, we can use either FaceTime or Google Meet, which offer end-to-end encryption.

·         If you own an Apple device, we'll use FaceTime, with Google Meet as a backup.

·         If you own an Android device, we'll use Google Meet. If you don't have the Google Meet app, you can download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


Session Fees

·         Supervision Sessions: Each 60-minute session costs $320 plus $32 GST for a total of $352.

·         A minimum of 48 hours' notice is required for changes or cancellations. Otherwise, the full fee applies. You'll receive an email reminder and an SMS reminder a few days before your session. 

·         Payment is at the start of the session by credit or debit card, or by cash (for in-person appointments). 

·         Please note that credit or debit card transactions incur a 1.75% plus 30 cents transaction fee.    If you pay via bank transfer the day before your session, you can avoid paying the credit card fees. I will send you an invoice a few days before each session.

·          Please note that I do not send invoices to, write reports for, or receive payments from third parties for individual supervision sessions. I send you a tax invoice and you can submit the receipt to the third party for reimbursement. 



Please note that email is not a confidential form of communication. Please use it only for arranging or confirming appointments.


Laurie MacKinnon, MSW, PhD

Individual, Couple, and Family therapy  

Ph    0452 072 772  Fax  02 8583 6521          

Insite Therapy and Consulting    ABN 75 078 349 863

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