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Are you here for yourself, for a relationship or

for professional development?

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Individual Therapy

​​Do you feel sad, anxious​,  depressed or worried about your mental health?

Are you finding it hard to recover from a change or loss?

Are you f​acing  a tough life decision or transition such as a relationship breakdowns, coming out,  children leaving home, work issues, retirement and aging stresses.

Do you feel haunted by bad memories​ that continue to impact your life​?

We specialise in helping individuals resolve disturbing or traumatic memories that hold them back from living fully.

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Couple & Family Therapy

For couples:  Do you need someone to help you communicate with each other about issues in your relationship so that you can regain closeness or decide whether to separate?

For families: Are you a parent and adult child, or adult siblings who would like to be able to communicate better and improve your relationship?

We specialise in helping families where the children are now adults (over 18 years old).  Sometimes we meet with a parent and adult child, sometimes with adult siblings. Therapy can help you to resolve past hurts, communicate more effectively, and talk through difficult issues.

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Training & Supervision

For professional therapists:  Do you wants to become more skilled and confident in your work?

Is your organisation looking for skill based training or supervision for your staff?

We provide individual supervision to  therapists (social workers, psychologists or psychiatrists) trained in family therapy or who are trained in Radical Exposure Tapping,

We provide training and supervision to counselling organisations.

Book an online or in-person meeting.

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