Program Outline

Day 1     Observing and Assessing
Thinking systemically
Systemic family assessment
Applying concepts to larger system, therapeutic system, and family system


Days 2     Engaging the Family in Therapy
Tasks for the first family session 
1. Engagement/joining 
2. Problem exploration and conceptualising
3. Developing goals and contracting
4. Ending the session 


Days 3     Creating change 
Goals for sessions
Who in the family to see together for what focus
Managing neutrality in multiple relationships
Clarifying roles and boundaries
Facilitating relationships 


Day 4     Applying systemic principles in larger systems
Understanding external systems– goals and roles
Conceptualising relationships between professionals and services
Strategic use of self
Ongoing skill development
Engaging challenging clients 
Asking ‘circular questions’
Managing difficult behaviour and setting limits


List of relevant literature

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