Couple and Family Therapy Mentoring Group

Laurie workshop
Laurie therapy video
Dr MacKinnon teaching video

Each meeting is an opportunity to observe and discuss a video of Laurie working therapeutically with actual couples and families.  Through this close-up view of actual sessions and a guided discussion participants will:


  • Learn through “osmosis”, expanding their knowledge of interview skills and their range of techniques including, among others, circular questioning, structural enactment, using Gottman’s “Four Horsemen” and the Imago couples’ dialogue.

  • Develop greater perceptual skills  in observing family process.

  • Develop greater perceptual skills in observing the dynamics of the family/therapist interaction.

  • Refine their ability to hypothesis and conceptualise from information that emerges during the session.



The issues faced by the clients on these videos include:

  • Children’s behavior problems;

  • Parent – child conflict;

  • Couple conflict;

  • Loss and grief;

  • Dealing with the effects of trauma, domestic violence, separation and divorce.


This is an advanced group for therapists who have already completed  training equivalent to a Graduate Diploma or Masters level in couple and family therapy.