Please read the following information carefully to be fully informed regarding costs, referral, and confidentiality.

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Our office is in Lane Cove North in a residential area with street parking.  Laurie’s office is located on the ground floor.  It is wheelchair accessible and has washroom facilities.  Kerrie’s office is on the ground floor and has washroom facilities but has steps and is not wheelchair accessible.   Appointments start and finish at the arranged time, so you will not be kept waiting. There is no waiting room, so we ask you to not arrive early 


Session fees in 2018 for Laurie MacKinnon 

  • Individual sessions:  $260.00.

  • Couple and family sessions:  $330.00 (75 minutes)

  • The fee is payable at the beginning of the session by cash or credit card

  • 48 hours is required to change or cancel a session.  Any less notice and the full fee is payable.  Email reminders are sent 3 days prior and SMS reminders the day of the appointment.

Claiming a Rebate

  • You do not need a referral from a medical doctor.   However, you can claim the Medicare allied health rebate of $74 if your psychiatrist or your GP refers you as part of a mental health case management plan.    To claim the rebate for your first session, visit your doctor before your first appointment.  You must bring a referral letter from your doctor and a copy of your Mental Health Plan to your first session.

  • Click here to download a letter you can take to your doctor to provide information about Laurie MacKinnon

  • Note there are no private health rebates for these services.


We hold your personal information in strict confidence, and we do not provide reports, court reports or family court assessments.  E-mail is not a confidential form of communication.  We use e-mail for arranging or confirming appointments and not for discussing personal matters.

The only exceptions to confidentiality are:

  • If you give written consent for me to communicate with your doctor or other professionals. (To provide you with a receipt for Medicare, we are required to correspond with your referring doctor).

  • If I am concerned about your safety or the safety of a family member. I am required by law to report when a child is at risk and I have a duty of care to all family members.

  • If you are attending couple or family sessions, then information from an individual session may potentially be shared with other family members.







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