Healing the worker: Indirect trauma and its effects

A workshop for professionals working with people who have suffered trauma
Presented by Kerrie James, MSW, MLitt (Gender Studies)

Indirect trauma, sometimes called ‘vicarious trauma’ ‘compassion fatigue’ and ‘secondary traumatic stress’,refers to the effect of bearing witness to others' traumatic experiences. 


This training enables participants to identify the negative effects on oneself of exposure to other people’s traumatic memories.  Participants learn how to spot signs of stress in self and others and how to assist colleagues who are struggling. The training emphasizes the importance of preventing negative impacts while remaining empathic and open to another’s traumatic experiences. 



This training covers:



  •  Definitions of vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue and    burnout. 

  • Indicators of indirect trauma

  • Prevention of indirect trauma

  • Self-assessment tasks



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